Kobisala Nursery School



The foundation and building of the Kobisala Nursery School in the village Sanyang on the beautiful West coast of Africa is the newest project of Mrs Ida Clinckx from Belgium, which she does in collaboration with Mr.P.B.J.Bojang, primary school teacher from The Gambia

here with children of the St. David Nursery School, which was another social project of hers some years ago.

More pictures and infos of Mrs Clinckx's other projects you will find under http://www.gambia-projects.org

Mrs Ida Clinckx (called „Mia“ by the Gambian people) has been visiting The Gambia regulary several times a year for about 10 years now. She started loving this country with its nice friendly people already when she came here for the very first time. Especially the children have got a special place in her heart and being aware of the poverty of so many of them she had decided to help out here, as much as possible. So caring about the education of these children has become her most important task. Going back to Belgium she managed to get sponsors for her school project(s), also collected money from neighbours, friends, relatives etc. and organized welfare parties in her nice garden in Flanders each summer. All material for the Kobisala Nursery School building as well as the craftsmen were paid from these donations.

The ground for the new nursery school in Sanyang Village was offered by Mr.P.B.J.Bojang and his family.

Here is the blueprint of the Kobisala Nursery School building which contains 2 classrooms:

The first block for it was layed by Ida Clinckx on 7th May 2004.

You can follow the progress of this building up from then on the photo section.