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27th February 2009


the Kobisala Nursery School website won't be updated anymore, since founder and builder Ida Mia Clinckx has stopped her sponsorship and management activities for this school already a longer while ago. The Kobisala School has been indepently managed by teacher Buba Bojang and his crew since then. The Kobisala Nursery School has got many other sponsors for a longer while now (see previous NEWS pages) and doesn't need to be financially supported by Ida Mia Clinckx anymore because of this.

But this website will remain as archive website and so it has moved to the following address:



But Ida Mia Clinckx has founded and built a new school meanwhile, the Mia Nursery School in Sanyang village which has started already in January 2009. She is the owner, director and manager of this school and can always be contacted here...


...donations are always welcomed here also ... as well as for Ida Mia Clinckx's many other social projects in the Gambia :-)

Have a look at



Thank you very much for your support until now and we'll see you at Mia's Nursery School in the future :-)

The Webmaster