This is the youth soccer team KUBEH JARRA F.C. from Serekunda in The Gambia.

Here they are proudly presenting the new soccer shirts which Mrs.Clinckx has sponsered to them.

Mrs Clinckx from Belgium has got a private helping organisation, called

She supports mainly children in The Gambia, even has founded a school in by herself in Sanyang. But you can read about all her activities on www.gambia-projects.org

So when she was in again in The Gambia last year, it happened that she got invited by friends to see a soccer match of local teams there. She was quite astonished about the sporty talent and ambitions of the winning team, but in the same way wondering how the boys managed this without wearing soccer shoes, because they just played on their barnaked feet...and this not on a lawn but on a stony field. So she decided to support this team and sponsered firstly the shirts and shorts (photo above) She promised them to buy them also soccer shoes, when they continue winning their following matches...

and so they won and won...

and so they got their soccer shoes :-)

They brought Mrs Clinckx to the airport in Banjul and gave her this letter which she had to read in the plane on her flight back home: