Mia's Nursery School

Ida Mia Clinckx has lost her heart in West Africa (especially in The Gambia) and all its many children. For many years she has been pending between Belgium and The Gambia several times a year. She meanwhile has built an own house in the Gambia but she turns regularly back home to collect money and material for her school projects.

In year 2004 Ida Clinckx (or Mia, how she is called by the Gambian people) founded her first school, the Kobisala Nursery School in Sanyang village. Meanwhile this school has grown big and manages itselfs independently.

Ida Clinckx at sewing the new school uniforms...

That's why she started a new school project in year 2008. This school (also called Mia's Nursery School) has been built up on her own ground in Kassor/ Sanyang.

But due to certain circumstances (burglary and theft, just to name a few) she was trying to find a better location for it though. In summer 2010 she found this empty 3 classroom school building in Mamuda, a small village close by.

It has to be painted but all in all it is still in a good shape. The 'school yard' has to be cleaned up, new latrines have to be built and also a well for fresh water. A veranda as shelter for the raining seasons is in the planning as well.

This new school building is easily to reach by the kids from the village Mamuda, no schoolbus is needed. (This was one of the big problems in Ida's former school in Kassor/ Sanyang). The surrounding areal is large and provides enough space for another school building in the near future. Ida Clinckx has always wanted to expand her nursery school and to built up a primary school as well, so the chances are very good to do this here. (It wasn't possible in Kassor, Sanyang, because the nursery school there has been built on her private properties. But primary schools have to be built on public ground, because their teachers get paid from the government.)

This ground belongs to the government and is managed by the Akalo (the village elder and mayor) ...

and his family members. Some of them work as teachers in this school. The Akalo is a highly respected person in Mamuda and nobody will ever do anything against his liking. [He has founded the village Mamuda (also spelled Mahmuda) a few years ago.] He has promised Ida Clinckx his full support for her school, which is the most important matter to her. That's why this place in Mamuda is more secure for Mia's Nursery School, because it gets protected.

An orange tree plantation has already been set up by her on this ground, which also belongs to the school ground...

and other fields for growing vegetables and fruits are in the making as well...

The plan is to sell all these things on the market later on and to make the school becoming more and more independent from donations.

Ida Clinckx herself is working hard on these acres, one is located on her own ground in Kassor...

the former school yard of the first Mia's Nursery School in Sanyang.

Of course, Ida Clinckx supports further her other Gambian school projects with donations. There is Winnie's Nursery School in Jambanjelly where she helps out here and then as well. And also she still visits the St.David Nursery School in Serrekunda on a regular base.

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