Mia's Nursery School (in Mahmuda)


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8th June 2011

22nd September 2010

25th February 2012


here are a few more photos, which Ida Clinckx took in June 2011. She is visiting the school in Mahmuda only once per week (mostly on Fridays) for a longer while now. The school works well and has become independent meanwhile. The teachers are taking good care of everything. So Ida Clinckx had re-opened her previous nursery school in Sanyang last year and so she is rather busy with that one. (Read about it on the other Miaschool website here.)

in the class room

the school from outside

the new latrines

Ida Clinckx has also sewn many more uniforms for all the pupils in Mahmuda.

See more new photos in the photo section and film clips the video section! :-)