Mia's Nursery School

Ida Mia Clinckx has lost her heart in West Africa (especially in The Gambia) and all its many children. For many years she has been pending between Belgium and The Gambia several times a year. She meanwhile has got an own home in the Gambia but comes regularly back to collect money for her projects. These projects, where she collects money and useful things for, are mainly school projects. Being a grandmother herself it is very important to her, that children get a good education and the ability to learn reading and writing, calculating and many other useful things for building up an own life. This is for sure the normalest thing in Europe and the Western world... but not in Africa. Due to the high poverty in this country many children have no possibility to visit a school. Especially the Nursery Schools (the schools for the small children) don't get supported by the government, only high schools and universities in big cities, like Banjul. Most Nursery Schools in the Gambia are built from sponsered money of tourists and helping organisations. Also the teachers get paid from donations only.

Some years ago Ida Clinckx (or Mia, how she is called by the Gambian people) founded her first school, the Kobisala Nursery School in Sanyang. Meanwhile this school has grown big and manages itselfs independently. That's why she can concentrate herself on a new school project. This new school will be built up on her own ground that she bought last year in Sanyang. Ida has never feared hard work and also likes to manage all things by her own.

Here Ida is making bricks for her new school ...

...and here is her sketched blueprint of this building...

There will be 3 classrooms in this building for 75 children (3x25).

Here are the official blueprints (click to enlarge):


And here is the official approval for Mia's Nursery School (click to enlarge):

Of course, Ida Clinckx supports further her other Gambian school projects with donations. There is also the new founded Winnie's Nursery School in Jambanjelly where she currently helps out as well. And also she still visits the St.David Nursery School in Serrekunda on a regular base.

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This is the beautiful sunset above the school building :-)