St. David Nursery School

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also this year Ida Mia Clinckx had been invited by the St. David Nursery School to give the certificates to the children on the last school day of the season.

But this year the school gave her also a certificate for herself, a certificate of appreciation for having served the school as a sponsor, patroness and a mother.

But the St. David Nursery School has got a big problem right now, because they have to expand the school due to the fact that the current 4 classes are fully overcrowded.

So now they are looking for additional ground for expanding the school with 2 more classrooms. They are given 2 years time according to the government control people for accomplishing this task. But of course, they need to get money for buying additional ground and for building this new annex.

If you want to help this school existing further on, please contact Ida Clinckx or the headmaster Mr. Abdul Bangura for donations.