African Garden Days

Almost every summer Ida Clinckx and her husband Jos de Brier invite lots of guests to their famous garden party on their private ground.

The program usually includes live music: local bands are playing popular music and sometimes even African rhythms on djembas for entertaining the guests. Another highlight is the tombola which offers many interesting items to win. Lots of tasty food, cakes and drinks are offered as well (for little donations of course ;-)

Many volunteers as well as all family members do their very best for making these garden parties to unforgettable events ...

and for raising lots of money for children in The Gambia :-)

(click on the banners below for watching the photos and videos of the 'Afrikaanse Tuindags')

!!!! Important announcement for the next

African Garden Day

which was planned to take place on Sunday 6th September 2009 !!!

Unfortunately Ida Clinckx had to cancel this gardenparty due to certain circumstances.

It will be postponed to summer next year!

Thanks for your understanding!

The previous African Garden Days :-)

(click to watch the photos!)


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